Frequently Asked Questions

My Account

1. How can I get access to Creditmoja loans?

Our lending platform can be accessed through Google Play. Open Google Play and search for “Creditmoja” APP, then download and start to sign-up with your phone number.

You can also click on this link to download directly.

2. How much can I borrow?

Currently our loan sizes range from Ksh 5,000 to Ksh 500,000. If you repay loans as scheduled, the amount that you can borrow will increase.

3. Which networks does Creditmoja support?

In Creditmoja, we support safaricom right now. We hope to expand our coverage in the near future.

4. Can I change my ID number after I receive a loan?

Unfortunately, not. At Creditmoja, we conform to the highest standards of data integrity. This means that you cannot change information that was previously used to process a successful loan application. You must double check the information before you click submit button.

5. Can I delete my account?

Per our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy, we collect information from you to determine whether you qualify for a loan. We do not sell or distribute this information for any other purposes.

If you would like to discontinue your relationship with Creditmoja, you may uninstall the APP.

Eligibility Criteria

1. What is required to receive a Creditmoja loan?

Requirements are simple – all you need to apply is your and answering few questions. We will also request access to the data on your phone in order determine your eligibility.

2. How does Creditmoja make a lending decision?

Creditmoja uses data from your phone, including your handset details and financial transaction SMS messages to make lending decisions. We combine this with your Creditmoja repayment history to build an individualized credit score, which determines the loan offers you receive.

3. Why was I rejected for a loan?

If you don’t get accepted when you apply, don’t worry! Sometimes it may take several attempts to qualify for a loan. We encourage you to continue saving data on your phone and to reapply after the period stipulated.

4. How can I increase my chance of being accepted?

Creditmoja uses data from your phone as well as other sources to make a lending decision. To increase your chances of approval, please make sure to save the data on your phone, keep good credit with all other lenders, and correctly input your account details.

Loan Offers

1. How do I apply for a loan?

Open Google Play and search for “Creditmoja” APP. After download, you can open the APP and follow the process to apply for a loan.

2. How much can I borrow?

Currently our loan sizes range from Ksh 5,000 to Ksh 500,000. If you repay loans as scheduled, the amount that you can borrow will increase.

3. How long does the application process take?

It will take a few minutes.

4. What interest rate does Creditmoja charge?

Interest rates are determined by a number of factors, including your repayment history with Creditmoja and the cost of lending for us. Depending on these factors, the origination fee is charged minimum 18% for a term of 180 days.

Borrowers are required to cover any mobile money service fees, such as Bank charges, associated with repaying the loan. Standard SMS and data charges by your mobile carrier may apply.

5. How to fill your family and emergency contact’s information?

Your family and emergency contacts are the person that can prove your reliability, credibility and honesty. We may contact him/her when we decide the loan. Please fill the contact’s information carefully.


1. How should I repay Creditmoja loan?

You can follow these steps:

1. Open Creditmoja on your phone

2. Click My Loan

3. Choose one of your loan

4. Click the Repay In Advance

5. Confirm that all details are correct and press “Repay now”

6. Choose your Repayment method and press “Repay now”

7. Complete your Repayment

2. Where can I see my repayment plan?

To view your repayment information, kindly click “My Profile”, then choose “Borrow History”. You will be able to see your due date and the amount.

3. My repayment didn’t reflect. What should I do?

If you do not receive confirmation from Creditmoja that your repayment was received within a few hours, kindly send us the transaction confirmation message you received and the number you used to make the payment via “Customer Care”.

4. Can I repay early?

Early repayment is accepted. We strongly encourage you to repay your loan on time to increase your loan offer amount.

5. What happens if I overpay my loan?

After reconciliation of all payments, excess funds will be reversed to your Repayment bank account within 15 days.

6. Can I pay a loan on behalf of someone else?

No, you just only repay yourself loan.

Late Repayment and Credit Reference Bureau

1. What will happen if I pay my loan late?

Late loan repayments automatically incur a fee of 2% per day. It is therefore advised that one does not exceed the due date. Repay the loan by its due date allows you to access larger loan sizes. Late repayments will affect your ability to get subsequent or larger loans. If you are very late on your payments, we report to the Credit Reference Bureau. Blacklisting by the Credit Reference Bureau may affect your ability to borrow from other lenders.

2. Can I request to repay my loan at a later date?

Unfortunately, Creditmoja cannot alter your repayment plan after you’ve received a loan. If you are unable to repay the full amount due, we advise you to start making partial repayments as soon as possible.

3. What is a Credit Reference Bureau?

A Credit Reference Bureau collects credit information on individuals and can provide your repayment performance data to banks, lenders, and potential employers. Credit Reference Bureau help promote financial inclusion and prevent over indebtedness.

4. What should I do when I clear my defaulted loan?

We will update and forward your details to the Credit Reference Bureau for clearance. If you wish to acquire a certificate of clearance, kindly check with the Credit Reference Bureau within a week of making your repayment.

5. How can I get my batch number?

If your account has been cleared with the Credit Reference Bureau, please message Customer Care to receive the batch numbers for Credit Reference Bureau to follow upon your certificate.

Security & Privacy

1. Can I trust Creditmoja with my data?

We use world-class data security and encryption techniques to protect the data you share with us. Creditmoja never shares your information with third parties unless it is for dedicated business purposes, such as reporting defaulted loans to authorized credit reference bureaus. We do not sell your data or credit profile.

2. Why do you need permission for my phone?

Creditmoja uses data from your phone, including your handset details and financial transaction messages to make lending decisions. These data are a crucial part of our decision-making process, and allow us to provide seamless and efficient financial services.

3. How do I give permissions to Creditmoja on my phone?

In your Android Phone, kindly go to Settings > Apps > Creditmoja > Permissions and make sure that you have enabled Creditmoja to access everything requested.

4. What are your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy?

Please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy